The Tyrolean

If it were not for the hyphenated name ‘Langes-Swarovski’, no one would take Diana for a fifth generation member of one of Austria's most noted entrepreneurial dynasties. in Austria. In fact, Diana is the great great-granddaughter of Daniel Swarovski, founder of Swarovski, the world-famous crystal manufacturer. 

Diana, however, sees herself as neither a ‘crystal heiress’, nor as a society lady, but rather as a tradition-loving family member, passionate sports fan, and especially, as a Tyrolean in heart and soul. She believes that the most important characteristics she has inherited from the Swarovski family, and especially from her father, Gernot Langes-Swarovski, are her entrepreneurial vision, fighting spirit, sense of family, and a strong relationship to her homeland.

Diana Langes - The Tyrolean

The Football President

The name Langes-Swarovski is inextricably linked to Wattens football. Under Diana's father Gernot, WSG Wattens, now called ‘WSG Swarovski Wattens’ in his honor, experienced an unprecedented boom. Diana took over the Office of Club President in 2013 at his explicit request.

Following in his formidable footsteps, she took on the responsibility and gave the position a completely new image, a media presence and imbued it with conspicuous delight in the sport of football.  With her fresh ideas, she succeeded in having WSG promoted into a new league, and also gave the club a vibrant new leader.

Diana Langes - The Football President

The Entrepreneur

Diana has constantly displayed her courage and creativity, also in matters of business. Far removed from the glittering world of crystal, she owns a buffalo farm in Venezuela, a forest in Scotland, and holds shares in companies such as PAPSTAR.

She has worked as a model, has been a self-styled restaurateur, and the face of several successful beauty brand. In 2016 she she founded her own men’s perfume line REAL FANATIC.

REAL FANATIC Football Visual

Awareness creates awareness.

In line with this credo, Diana Langes also regularly uses her position to benefit good causes. She is an Ambassador for Pink Ribbon, the SOS Children's Villages, and is a committed supporter for JumpandReach.

Diana Langes is committed to charity projects.
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